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What You Should or Shouldn’t Store in Your Garage

Garages are an integral part of your home. They offer a safe place to park your vehicle and store items essential to your home, i.e., gardening tools, vehicle maintenance supplies and outdoor play equipment. But no matter how tempting it is, not everything belongs in the garage.
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Get Your Summer Storage On!

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Throw an Epic but Socially Distanced Garage Block Party

Block parties are nothing new, according to the New York Times, they’ve been around since the 1920s. The premise is to get neighbors together outside to celebrate on the street. But unless you’re willing to file a lot of paperwork with the city, blocking off your street is probably going to be an issue. Instead, convince your neighbors to open their garages for a socially distanced garage block party.
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Give Him What He’s Always Wanted: Items To Create And Fill His Garage Workshop

on Jun 15, 2017 5:17:58 PM By | Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | 0 Comments | Garage Workshop
It’s never easy to decide what to buy your dad for Father’s Day. Yes, you can go the standard route and buy him a new tool set and a gift card to the local hardware store. Or, this year, you can give him what he’s always wanted – a workshop. You don’t have to construct an entirely new building in order to do this. By purchasing just a few items, you can easily transform your garage into the workshop he’s been dreaming about.
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