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Throw an Epic but Socially Distanced Garage Block Party

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jun 23, 2021 8:00:00 AM


Block parties are nothing new, according to the New York Times, they’ve been around since the 1920s. The premise is to get neighbors together outside to celebrate on the street. But unless you’re willing to file a lot of paperwork with the city, blocking off your street is probably going to be an issue. Instead, convince your neighbors to open their garages for a socially distanced garage block party. 

To make it work, each neighbor must agree to decorate their garages with a different theme. Partygoers hop from garage to garage, celebrating each theme. No street to block off plus, built-in shelter in case a sudden rain shower tries to dampen the event.

Here are some Pinterest-inspired ideas.

Mechanic’s Garage Party

Tie this theme with everything that has to do with repairing a car or truck. Some decorating ideas that are on the mark include using toolboxes to display food, working tools into centerpieces and generally working as many mechanic supplies into the decorations as possible. Décor can include license plates, tires, oil cans, oil drums, gas pumps, etc. Don’t have actual mechanic supplies on hand? Work ideas into the food. Decorate cookies and cupcakes around a mechanic-them (cars, tires, wrenches), label drinks as oil, gasoline, starter fluid (make sure guests know they’re obviously not really those things) and put out snacks in mechanic themed containers.

80s Garage Party

The 80s is probably the one decade that’s easiest to decorate for – think big hair, neon colors, and cassette tapes. A trip to a local thrift store might offer a treasure trove of truly 80s decorations: boomboxes, sunglasses, streamers, vinyl records, and possibly even 80s games like Rubik’s cube, View-Masters, and Simon. Plus, since 80s retro is pretty tubular right now, you may already have “new” versions of this stuff in your children’s toyboxes.

Golfer’s Paradise Garage Party

Bring on the sweet tea and lemonade. Decorating your garage in a golfing theme is easy as par. Go heavy on the green, grab some tees and balls, and layout a putting green. Keep visors on the ready and if you have golf clubs already, set them in the corner. Copy the Masters for food ideas. Serve egg salad sandwiches, Arnold Palmers, pimento cheese spread, and mint juleps.

Casino Garage Party

It doesn’t require a lot of extras to throw a casino-themed party. A folding table, deck of cards, and some dice allow you to play a whole hand of casino games. If you have poker chips, great, if not, you can use pennies or pick up a cheap set almost anywhere. You don’t have to buy casino-specific decorations, although they’re available at almost every party store, as long as you stick to red, black, and white, your casino theme will be aces.

Pink Flamingo Garage Party

It may sound strange but decorating with pink flamingos is one of the most popular themed party ideas. The key to this theme? You guessed it – flamingos and lots of them. Complement your plastic, blow-up, or cutout flamingos with everything pink and green. The flamingo theme says fun and summer with each one-standing-legged, wading bird.

If your garage door isn’t quite party-ready, give Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton a call. We sell all types of garage doors from traditional steel and Thermacore to modern aluminum and carriage house. Contact us to learn more.


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