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Patriotic Garage Door Series: Color Your Home in the Land of the Free

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jul 9, 2015 10:30:00 AM

July isn't just about the Stars and Stripes, it's also about the red, white, and blue. Our next blog posts will showcase how Siouxland and Yankton could benefit from adding our nation's bold color palette to their garage doors. We'll show it by using homes who have already blazed the color trail and describing why their particular design aesthetic is successful. 

Before we dive into red garage doors, though, we thought we'd give you a few examples of homes that have used the red, white, and blue in their garage curb appeal. While we recognize that these color combinations may not be for everyone building a new home in Sioux City, they just may be the kickstart your home design needs to embrace color in a real and impactful way.

Another example of how red, white, and blue never go out of style.

At Overhead Door of Sioux City, we're all about making the garage doors the focal point of the home. When you are as proud of the product craftsmanship and installation as we are, the more you can make people appreciate a garage door, the happier we become. That being said, bold moves like this one require confident forward steps and very little looking back. Will your new home in Sioux City as bold as this one?

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Don't leave color up to chance.

This home left no stone unturned and no space void of paint in its rich color scheme. Full of reds, deep creams, and pools of blue, you could look at this house all afternoon and not feel like it nods too heavily to on the colors of the flag or the news of the day. In fact, you may find yourself avoiding the discussion of politics altogether, choosing instead to mention how nice it would be if everyone got a long as well as the colors on your house do. 

Overhead Door Sioux City showcases red, white, and blue homes.

Patriotic garage doors: Something Texas knows a little about.

This house from the Lonestar State embraces the nation's (and, let's be realistic, its State's) colors in a bold way. Surrounded by limestone brick, one of the most common materials for this age of home in Texas, the blues and the reds feel right at home differentiating different portions of the home.

This red, white, and blue home wishes you a happy 4th of July
The Patriotic Blog Series kicks off with our next blog post, "Patriotic Garage Doors: Painting the Town Red."
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