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Patriotic Garage Doors: Painting the Town Red

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jul 14, 2015 10:30:00 AM

We're celebrating patriotic colors this month in an effort to show how bright, primary colors on garage doors can look both stunning and appropriate on homes in our Sioux City and Yankton neighborhoods. Today we focus on the powerful impact of a red garage door which, when done artfully, can transform a cookie cutter ranch-style house into a purposeful addition to the neighborhood aesthetic.

The color red has many meanings and can conjure many feelings, most of them strong. Of the world's flags, 77% of them include red as one of their colors. It's also one of the top two favorite colors of the people of the world. It is used in symbolism for passion and adventure, for romance and superheros. It is a color for bold homes and bold people, offering many shades and hues to bring out just the right personality.

A red garage door ties it all together.

We've seen how welcoming a red front door can be on a Sioux City home. Imagine now when the front door has a garage door to match. Suddenly what could be a pop of bold color is now part of a cohesive color palette that comes off as warm and welcoming, beckoning homeowners and visitors alike to join in on the adventure inside.

Pair a red front door with a red garage door for bold results

Red garage doors remind you where you've parked. 

Here's another example of how a bold red garage takes the stage while taking a little direction from the audience. See how the house's red window trim marries happily with its attractive garage? You couldn't find a happier couple.

Wood and red garage doors look great together.

The modern, red garage door is more subtle than you think.

You may assume that modern design would cause a red garage door to be more flash and shine than substance, but not so in this case with a smooth matte finish. The red plays nicely with the wood trim and flirts deliciously with this home's white facade; a coy pairing that says it's not afraid to dance with danger or the colorwheel.

A Yankton home could benefit from a red garage door like this.

Barn red garage doors get an upgrade.

There are fewer happier couples than light gray and barn red. They complement each other in soft voices; one warming up, the other cooling down. The end result is a refreshing aesthetic that neither ages or looks too revolutionary. Like the calm before the storm, the red garage doors on this home wrap us in the warm familiar as the modern light gray allows us to watch something entirely new and fresh take place.

This red garage door is both subtle and stunning.

Red garage doors go bold and go home.

We couldn't write this post without including one fearless, ultra-modern home that embraces a red garage door so emphatically you can't help but feel both awed and impressed.  If this garage door could speak, it would do so in capital letters with one, very large exclamation point. Not in anger or in rude abruptness, but in firm resolve. What better way to say "WELCOME HOME!"

Modern red garage door for Sioux City?
Accenting your home with a red garage door may be one of the strongest statements you can make with your home, but what you say in that statement is completely up to you. It can be your reminder to "Stop" and leave your worries at the door. It can be your own declaration of independence from suburbia and mainstream design. It can be your mark of fearless welcome. Indeed, red garage doors are not for the faint of heart, but for the homes of the brave.
Want advice on how to include red--or any color--on your new garage door? Overhead Door Sioux City is happy to help you increase your garage door curb appeal. Check out our design center or contact us for ways we can help, and keep reading to see how we take a new look at white garage doors.
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