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Patriotic Garage Doors: Time to Get the Blues

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jul 16, 2015 10:30:00 AM
If you've been reading our Patriotic Garage Door series, you already know how red garage doors can make a bold statement. In this post, we'll show you how different homes throughout Siouxland and the country have harnessed the cool influence of blue.

Blue, the color of sky and oceans, is widely considered the favorite color of most of the world's people. Rarely found in fruits and vegetables, blue represents dependability, cleanliness, and peace--all qualities we would love to come home to. 

Blue garage doors can tie it all together.

This isn't the first time we'll say this, and it certainly won't be the last. Homes look beautifully and intentionally designed when their points of entry are cohesive. This means similiarly styled and painted, as in this case, where the prominent garage doors and front door are painted a deep and welcoming shade of blue. Hinted with teal notes, this shade could look great on nearly every home color and style. (Don't believe us? Try it on your home in our Design Center and find out).
This teal blue color would look great on any Sioux City garage door.

There's nothing tame about pastel blue garage doors.

Pastel blue may seem like a timid color, but this home surrounds it with a firm, deep beige embrace. The tri-color palette allows the shutters and the garage door to pop, but not unexpectedly. Rather the opposite happens, in fact; when colors are thoughtfully selected like this, it creates a connected aesthetic that is soothing. Can you imagine coming home to this every day? It feels like it comes standard with a sigh of relief.

pastel blue garage doors could be refreshing on a Yankton home.

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

We've seen it done with white more times than we can count, but this blue-on-blue garage door combination really stuck out to us in a subtle, not-overwhelming way. The white trim outlines the garage, but the fact that the garage door is the exact same color as the rest of the house means the front door can proudly stand out as the main entrance. The color choice also allows the texture and features of the garage door to do more of the talking, and that's something we can get behind.

Blue garage doors speak for themselves in Siouxland

Blue garage doors can add a modern oomph.

If your turn-of-the-century Siouxland home could use a little extra pizzazz, take your nod from this home, which has no problem adding some bold colors to its otherwise historic palette. The turquoise blue of the garage is warmed by the spash of deep red, and the white trim reminds the two bold colors to not only play nicely, but also reminds them they are part of a bigger picture.

Overhead Door Sioux City showcases red, white, and blue garage doors

Navy blue garage doors never go out of style.

We're not sure why, but navy blue is one of those classic colors that ages so beautifully. No matter what era, style, decade or material, navy blue cleans up nicely. It's softer than black, dressier than white, cleaner than forest green, and more soothing than anything in the red family. In short, it's a great shade of blue to dive into if you're considering painting your garage door blue. Chances are it will look just as stunning as it does on this brick home. 

Navy blue garage doors are a great addition to siouxland homes
Overhead Door of Sioux City knows the importance of choosing a garage door and a color that matches your home's overall aesthetic and garage curb appeal. Contact us if and when you are ready for a new garage door or ready to discuss your options. We're here to help your new garage door feel like home. 
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