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Weather Stripping: Your Garage Door’s Best Friend

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Oct 8, 2018 11:53:20 AM

Weather Stripping Your Garage Door’s Best Friend

There’s a little-thought-about part of your garage door that does a pretty big job – it’s your door’s weather seal. This narrow piece of rubber or silica runs along the bottom of your door and seals it from whatever is lurking outside – snow, rain, sub-arctic breezes and so on. Given its vital task, this part of your door should be given some real consideration, especially in the fall. 

What does garage door weather stripping do?

Properly-working weather stripping forms a seal between your door and the pavement. No matter how great a door is, without weather stripping, there’s always a fraction of an inch of space between it and the ground. That’s because most garage floors aren’t perfectly level, many have bumps or even cracks, which restrict the door from coming down flush. Not to mention, over time, garage doors become misaligned due to use. Even if your garage door were to sit perfectly 180-degrees when installed, a rigid seal would never cut it. Doors will expand and contract with the seasons. Weather stripping is flexible and not only gives a tight seal but will adapt to changing temperatures and door adjustments.


Why is it important?

The smallest crack between your door and the pavement creates an opportunity for rain or snow to creep in during a storm, leaving you with a flooded floor or an indoor skating rink - not an ideal way to start a morning. A properly-working seal also prevents insects and other pests from sneaking in and making themselves at home in your garage over the winter. Weather stripping also keeps your garage clean, creating less work for you in the long run. It blocks out wind and the dirt, leaves and other debris it carries with it, reducing the amount of times you need to sweep and mop.


Think of it this way; weather stripping creates an impenetrable barrier between your garage and the outside world.


How often should it be replaced?

If your weather seal is cracked, crushed or falling off the door, it needs to be replaced. As to how long weather stripping should last, that depends on where you live. Extreme temperatures, i.e. super hot days and freezing cold nights, wreak havoc on a seal. Also, the more use your garage gets, the quicker your seal will wear. Most seals could use a replacement after two years.


This all-important piece of equipment is essential for your door to do a good job. If you’re wondering how yours is doing, let us come out and take a look. Call Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton™ and we will make sure your weather stripping is doing its best work to protect your garage this winter.


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