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Why Installing Insulated Garage Doors Makes Sense

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Feb 23, 2018 8:56:31 AM

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A garage door is a major part of the exterior of your home. For homes with an attached garage, it is often times used as the primary entrance. That’s a lot of going up and down, which causes wear and tear over timeWhen you’re ready to replace your attached garage door, consider having Overhead Door™ install an insulated door.  

Why Insulate? 

While a non-insulated garage door might work great for a free-standing garage, there are a number of reasons why an insulated door is a better option for your home’s attached garage.  

  • Insulated doors provide a much better barrier to the outside, which helps keep your heating and cooling cost down. Metal conducts heat and cold very easily, but an insulated door can help keep the temperature in your garage above freezing, even on the coldest days. This is great for any type of liquid products you store in your garage. (Paints and other volatile compounds can lose their effectiveness if they freeze.) An insulated door helps create a vestibule-type effect, or buffer, for your home. The air in your garage is still cold, but not nearly as cold as it is outside, so less artic air seeps into you home when you enter from the garage. The same theory applies for cool air in the summer. There’s no need to air condition the neighborhood! 
  • Insulated doors are quieter. Insulated garage doors are made with either a polystyrene or polyurethane insulation. A polystyrene insulation comes in sheets that are sandwiched between two front and back metal panels. The polyurethane application is injected into the door cavity as a liquid, which fills all the gaps and spaces as it turns solid. A polyurethane insulated door has a higher R value then polystyrene, yet both offer a much quieter experience over a plain metal door. That’s because the insulation between the metal will actually absorb more of the vibrations caused from going up and down. This can be especially important for split levels or raised ranch homes where the garage is located under the bedrooms. 
  • Insulated doors are more durable. Because of the above-mentioned insulation process, insulated doors can stand up to more wear-and-tear. A non-insulated door, one that’s made with just a sheet of metal, is much easier to dent and crease. Think of it like an empty pop can. It’s much easier to crush an empty can than it is a can full of liquid. Insulated doors tend to be much more attractive as well, an important feature to consider, especially if the door is on the front of your home. They come in more color options and door styles than non-insulated. 

Consider these facts when deciding on your next door. Remember, a new garage door averages a 75 percent return rate on your investment when you sell your home. Overhead Door Company of Sioux City and Yankton™ has several different types of insulated doors to fit your home’s aesthetic and your budget. Give us a call today. 

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