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Overhead Door of Sioux City Has These 5 Garage Curb Appeal Tips

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jul 23, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Garage curb appeal is more important than you think. 

With garages taking up as much as 30% of a home's street-facing exterior, they are an important element to consider when designing or remodeling your home's exterior. Our bias excluded, how you decide to cover your garage bay is an important decision that must be thoughtfully considered. Types of materials, number and style of windows, and color are just a few ways to get you started.  

Shed some light on garage curb appeal.

Lighting is always an important way to play up a home's features as well as keep paths and doors safely illuminated. Try to keep the look of the lights cohesive and symmetrical if you can; it helps create a sense of purposeful design.

Use sconces to bring some light to your garage.Mediterranean Garage And Shed by Dallas Architects & Building Designers Superior Plan Design

Plant the right seeds.

Not only does garage curb appeal take time and effort, it also could use creative ideas and problem-solving. Plant the right seeds and the design flows seamlessly; plant and place things willy nilly and be left with a house that feels disjointed at best. In this case, though, we mean it literally; take a look at your sun and water exposure and determine how you can best encourage full, textural plants around your garage and your home. Elevated planters are a great way to mix annuals with perennials, draping vines with upright plants, and colorful flowers with a variety of leaf shapes.

Use some planters around your garage door.

Fill in the gaps.

Vines can add texture, color, and fragrance to a home's facade. Clematis, English ivy, wisteria, are suitable for the growing climates of Sioux City and Yankton. If your garage won't support a vine border (or if you're worried about vines doing damage to your exterior), plant tall perennials with upright habits to bookend and frame your garage. 

Try some greenary surrounding your garage door.Mediterranean Garage And Shed by Van Nuys General Contractors {environmental concept}

Pull it all together.

Incorporate your garage doors into a larger plan, and certain details will just fall together. Take this house, for example, where the manicured landscape allows the coarser natural elements to show through. Here the rocks, shredded mulch, and high grasses pop in textural ways. Your garage door doesn't always need to be the focal point (as much as we would love to tell you otherwise); sometimes its job is to blend in so the rest of the home and yard can shine.


Use different elements and textures next to your garage to spruce it up.


See it to believe it.

Want to play around with different designs and color? Whether you are building a new home in Sioux City or want to give your home exterior a boost in Yankton, Overhead Door of Sioux City has tool for you! Log into our Design Center to let your garage door try on different styles, hues, and popular garage door materials. It's a great--and completely FREE--way to kick start your garage curb appeal. 


Need help with your garage curb appeal? Ask us. 

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