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Telltale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Garage Door

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Jun 6, 2023 10:45:15 AM

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Telltale Signs It's Time to Replace Your Commercial Garage Door

A commercial garage door has the important task of allowing you to securely conduct business. A quality commercial garage door can do a lot more though. Insulated doors can help maintain the temperature inside your building. Fire rated doors meet fire safety standards. Aluminum glass doors give your commercial building attractive curb appeal.

Businesses open and close their commercial garage door twice a day at a minimum: at the beginning of the day and the end. Some businesses use them even more. A warehouse or manufacturing facility might do this several times a day. With all this wear and tear, it’s imperative that business owners recognize when their garage door needs to be replaced. 


Does Your Commercial Garage Door Make Noises?

Commercial garage doors that squeak and shudder can be a sign that the door isn’t up to par. Your commercial door opener might be failing, or the tracks and rollers could be damaged. If your garage door breaks, you could be putting your workers at risk.


Has Your Commercial Garage Door Sustained Damage?

Accidents happen. It’s all too easy for a commercial door to get dinged and damaged by forklifts, trucks, and other equipment. These collisions can make your door run less smoothly, increasing the chances it could fail right when you need it to open or close. Also, if your garage door has been previously broken into, it can be less secure and efficient. Commercial garage doors located in high-risk areas might sustain damage from attempted break-ins.


Does Your Garage Door Look Old and Outdated?

A commercial garage door can affect your business’ curb appeal. Damaged, old doors might give your customers the wrong impression of your business. Instead, opt for a new, attractive door like an aluminum commercial garage door. This can provide visual access, light filtration, and aesthetic value.


Are You Always Fixing Your Commercial Garage Door?

Overhead garage doors that need repaired often or always have issues and failures need replaced. You’ll spend more money trying to fix a problem than it would cost to replace the door. Plus, you’ll have fewer headaches when your commercial garage door works like it should.

By upgrading your commercial garage door, you'll improve functionality, safety, and security. For example, a new insulated door like a Thermacore® or rolling steel service door can keep your building cool and quiet. New doors come with a variety of safety options and will help protect your business from thieves.

Maintain Your Commercial Garage Door

Once you decide to replace your commercial garage door, you’ll get more ROI if you maintain it on an annual basis. Hire a professional to look over your garage door and its parts each year. A professional garage door company can alert you to potential issues before they become big hazards. Contact us today with any questions about upgrading your commercial garage door.


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