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Five Ways to Avoid Snow Coming in Your Garage

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Dec 10, 2020 8:34:22 AM

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It is bad enough having to walk through ice and snow outside of your house in the winter, but your garage should be safe and dry, right!? Water and snow can be tracked or blown into your garage, causing slick spots or even damaging your door. Here are some ways to avoid it.

  1. Get the water out.

    Use a squeegee to remove as much standing water as possible. Make sure to push it completely out of the garage and away from the door, giving it a path to drain away from your home. This should be done often during the winter months.

  2. Clear drains.

    Make sure any drains installed near or around your garage are clear of leaves, twigs and other debris that can slow drainage. If the drains are frozen, chip away the ice and pour boiling water to remove any frozen water inside the drain.
  3. Don’t bring snow in.

    Try to brush off as much snow from your vehicles as possible before parking them inside your garage. Use a broom to clear the top and sides of the vehicle. Don’t forget to clear the wheel wells, where large chunks of snow get impacted behind the tires.
  4. Heat your garage.

    Installing a small heater won’t prevent snow and water from entering your garage, but it will keep it from freezing preventing slips and falls on icy floors.

  5. Check the weatherstripping.

    Weatherstripping seals the openings around your garage door. Weatherstripping along the bottom of the door helps keep out water and snow. It also helps keep cold air out in the winter, stabilizing the temperatures in your garage and house. Weatherstripping that’s in good condition will also protect your door from scraping against the concrete. To make sure your weather seal is working properly, inspect the weatherstripping for cracks or signs of damage. Close the door and check for any drafts that might be coming through. Lastly, check the bottom of the door for damage. 

If you do notice your garage door’s weatherstripping is damaged, the good news is it is an inexpensive fix. The technicians at Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton™ can come out and evaluate whether replacing the garage door weather stripping is needed and will help to ensure the internal temperature of your garage and keep the weather or critters out. Contact us today.


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