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Do You Really Need An Insulated Garage Door?

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Nov 21, 2018 3:00:00 PM

As the temperature steadily drops outside, we fight the creeping cold by keeping our homes as warm as possible. We fill every crack around doors and windows and crank the heat up as high as our wallets dare. But there’s one giant door that may get overlooked, your garage door. An insulated garage door, like our Thermacore insulated steel doors, can not only enhance the overall look of your home but the comfort as well.

These insulated garage doors are specifically designed to reduce air filtration and transfer, so they maintain thermal efficiency in both hot and cold weather better than any product on the market. And when you're dealing with our climates in Sioux City and Yankton, that kind of rugged versatility is something we can use.

Our Thermacore doors are some of our most popular because they provide the ultimate barrier between the Midwest’s artic-like weather and your home’s heat. An insulated door helps create a vestibule-type effect, or buffer, for your home. The air in your garage is still cold, but not nearly as cold as it is outside, so less artic air seeps into your home when you enter from the garage. An insulated door can help keep the temperature in your garage above freezing, even on the coldest days. This is great for any type of liquid products you store in your garage. (Paints and other volatile compounds can lose their effectiveness if they freeze.)

Our Thermacore doors are almost always worth the investment, particularly since they can not only contribute to the overall climate control of your home, but its aesthetic as well. These doors come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials and feature a huge range of window and hardware options so you never have to compromise form at the expense of function. Thermacore doors come in nine standard paint colors (white, almond, desert tan, sandstone, brown, terra bronze, hunter green, gray and black). They can also be painted to match your home’s décor. Doors with three types of a woodgrain finish are also available.

So do you need an insulated garage door? Only if you want to keep the heat inside your home while making your home look its best.

Call us today to see how our Thermacore® insulated steel doors, constructed with steel-polyurethane-steel as well as between-section seals with thermal breaks to reduce air movement, can make this winter’s heating bills a little easier to bear.

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