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Common Garage Door Repairs (And What They’ll Cost You)

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Nov 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Common Garage Door RepairsBlog

Every time something breaks or stops working around your home the first thing that pops into your mind is, “How much is this going to cost?” Unfortunately owning a home requires maintenance and that comes with a cost. Some home repairs can be done by yourself but others require a professional. We believe garage door repairs fall under that category. 

Your garage door is a large, heavy piece of machinery that could cause serious injury or worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. And with most of the common repairs costing less than $200, it’s worth it to have it done right. 

Broken Springs

Garage doors will either have torsion springs (a cable winding on drums) or extension springs that extend along horizontal tracks at the top of the garage opening. The spring provides the tension required to lift your door 

The Cost: A torsion spring alone costs around $65 and to have it installed by a professional garage door company costs about $140 to $155 for one torsion spring replacement. Springs may come in pairs and when one goes bad, the second spring is usually replaced at the same time. The total cost for installing two torsion springs should be in the range of $220 to $240. If your garage has an extension spring, to have it professionally installed costs about $110 for one extension spring and about $140 for two, on average.  

Snapped Garage Door Cables. 

The cables on a garage door are attached to the bottom bracket and are coiled around a cable drum for garage doors with a torsion spring. For garage doors with an extension spring, the cables are attached to the bottom bracket, go up over a pulley and then go through a pulley on the extension spring. A cable also goes through the middle of the extension spring. When these snap, your garage won’t lift right.  

The Cost: Garage door cables installed by a professional door company costs about $90 to $115, which includes the parts.  

Malfunctioning Garage Door Safety Sensors. 

Your garage door’s safety sensors or photo eyes are two sensors that transmit infrared beams that keep the door from closing if an object passes through it. If the alignment is thrown off it may cause your garage door not to close. Also, if the lens on one or both of the photo eyes is dirty with debris, the garage door may not operate. If your photo eye is flashing, an obstruction is in the path of the door. Remove the debris and adjust the photo-eye until the indicator light is no longer flashing. If your door still won’t operate, it’s time to call us for a repair. 

The Cost: The cost to fix malfunctioning sensors usually won’t cost more than a service call fee, which can range on average is about $80. If the sensors need to be placed, you’re looking at paying about $80, add that to the service fee and you’ll most likely pay about $160. 

Non-functioning Garage Door Remote. 

When a garage door remote isn’t working it’s usually simple to diagnose. If it’s only one remote that’s not working, first try replacing the battery. If you find it still doesn’t work after replacing the battery, give us a call to help diagnose the problem. It could be a programming issue, or you may need to purchase a new remote for your garage door opener. 

The Cost: The price for a new garage door opener remote depends on the type you get. Our remotes range from $30 to $50 and up, depending on the number of bells and whistles. 

Your garage door is an important part of your home. It offers protection from intruders and the elements. Take steps to make sure to get repairs fixed by a professional garage door company. Look for our Red Ribbon logo the next time your garage isn’t working the way it should. 


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