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5 Garage Doors That Deserve Attention

Posted by Overhead Door of Sioux City and Yankton | Apr 16, 2015 10:30:00 AM

When a garage door is designed right along with the home, it's a match made in heaven. These five garage doors not only stand out, they work in harmony with other design features in the exterior of each home.

A touch of warmth.

When paired with cold stucco, a honeyed wood garage door serves as a warm, welcoming entrance. In this case, the contrast is softened by the extrapolation of the rectangles into the windows of the door, allowing it to be a seamless--yet pronounced--addition to the design.

modern garage door open

Tie it together with color.

Sometimes homes prefer a traditional palette. And sometimes the best place to color a canvas in right there in front. This home uses a sunny stain on wood to cast a glow on its cloudy exterior color, and is further reflected in the trim around the windows, making this a very pleasing, cohesive design.

accent garage door with color

A touch of class. With glass.

When a home's entire fascade is wood, then the aestetic is flipped, creating a need for something sleek and cool to balance out the natural elements. Like in this case, where the garage door not only fills that need, but also introduces a calming aqua tone to the design.

modern glass garage door for a possible Sioux City home

Break tradition with...more tradition

 Again we see how wood-tones can warm up a home like nothing else can. Here the garage door brings out the craftsman elements in each of the house's gables. If the homeowners had chosen a material or color closer to the stone palette, this opportunity would have been lost and the home would have felt flat and unbalanced. As it is, the choices are beautiful and the home bids you a warm welcome.

craftsman garage door design

Shape your curb appeal

Gorgeous color aside, what is really appealing about the garage doors on this home are their shape. Whether the doors are actually curved at the top, or merely appear that way for the sake of the entrance isn't important. What is important is that their soft angles highlight the front door and tie into the rest of the home's design.

arched garage door


When a garage door takes up so much of a home's street-facing canvas, it can't be overlooked as the heavy-weight in the design process. You can start with the door and work around it, or you can have it as a handful of inspirational elements; what you can't do is disregard it. The goal is to press your garage door remote and instantly feel at home.

Think you would rather have a garage door that is hidden from view? Check out these great hidden garage doors that blend in with their homes.

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